The assortment offered by MkB Test a.s. includes:

  •  media containing blood,
  •  media to determine sensitivity,
  •  selective and differential media,
  •  media to cultivate mycobacteria,
  •  liquid media in test tubes,
  •  solutions and dyes,
  •  physiological solutions and other liquid media,
  •  solid media in bottles intended for further filling.

The MkB Test a.s. assortment consists of the media for:

  •  clinical diagnostics,
  •  food diagnostics,
  •  veterinary diagnostics,
  •  environmental diagnostics.

The media are available in:

  •  disposable plastic Petri dishes of diameters 90mm and 60mm, 2-sector and fingerprint Petri dishes, and 6-well culture plates,
  •  plastic test tubes of various volumes,
  •  WASP test tubes,
  •  glass bottles of various volumes,
  •  reagent bottles.