Technological equipment

The quality of culture media produced by our Substrate Division is guaranteed through the latest state-of-the-art technology.

The weighing process of the dehydrated mediums is performed by a feeding device made especially for us with precision 0,01 g.

The preparation itself – homogenization, sterilization, supplementation and cooling – takes place in top-notch (high performance and reliable) automatic auto-preparators that allow controlled homogenization and sterilization of the content together with uniform overheating and accurate repeatable standard time, pressure and resulting temperature. The entire process is scanned and recorded by computers in the devices.

Dosing and filling is carried out using peristaltic pumps equipped with UV emitters and cooling surfaces.

The latest technology is used also to equip auxiliary operations, such as the sterilization room and, of course, the Final Inspection Laboratory.

Media preparation in authorized systems eliminates some of the drawbacks of manual media preparation, but it does not ensure their repeatable standard and sterility. Therefore, our Substrate Division is equipped with devices to prevent environmental contamination. These are, in particular, HEPA filters through which the air enters the facility, with a computer continuously checking and recording the air volume, flow velocity, purity, temperature and humidity.