MkB Test a.s. mission

A common standard of microbiology laboratories in the US and the European Union Member States, including the Slovak Republic, is that culture media for laboratories are industrially manufactured in specialized facilities equipped with high quality technology.

With this global trend in mind, MkB Test a.s. brings its production line of standard culture media to the Slovak and surrounding markets. These are commercially prepared microbiological culture media, especially media for immediate use, in disposable plastic Petri dishes with diameters of 90 and 60 mm, in test tubes and in glass bottles of various volumes.

Our mission is to manufacture products that bring end-users a number of benefits compared to conventional in-house laboratory preparation. The advantages are in particular:

  •  standard composition of the culture medium,
  •  standard agar volume in the dish and hence a standard height of the agar layer,
  •  defined and unchanging stiffness of the culture medium surface,
  •  quality control of each batch performed by standard bacterial strains,
  •  optimal hydration during the preparation, storage and transport,
  •  guaranteed sterility of culture media,
  •  guaranteed extended expiration of culture media.