MkB Test a.s. profile

MkB Test a.s. was established in 2008 as a genuinely Slovak business entity and its main mission is to provide customers with quality, reliable and safe culture media for microbiological diagnostics in clinical, veterinary, industrial and environmental laboratories.

During 10 years of operation, the company has undergone several changes, in particular by extending production to a second work shift, increasing the number of employees and expanding the range of products.

The assortment of products enlarged with new types of culture media filled into Petri dishes with diameters of 60mm and 90mm, into plastic test tubes and glass bottles of various volumes. The current assortment now includes high-quality chromogenic media and products filled into 2-sector and fingerprint Petri dishes, into reagent bottles and special WASP (Walk-Away Specimen Processor) test tubes designed for automatic inoculation. At present, MkB Test offers 349 kinds of culture media, physiological and coloring solutions. A large part of them are filled into several types of packaging, therefore the final count of products is close to 700.

In 2009, MkB Test a.s. introduced its Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 13485. All products are subject to Final Inspection carried out in the MkB Test a.s. Final Inspection Test Laboratory (FITL), which is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Our main goals are to manufacture and sell high-quality products, and the associated customer satisfaction. We appreciate our current and future customers and their confidence, and that is why we are committed to:

  •  constantly monitor and meet customer needs and requirements for the product and its associated auxiliary services,
  •  increase the quality of culture media and eliminate the risks associated with their use, namely through:
    - careful selection of raw materials and dehydrated substrates from renowned manufacturers,
    - production under strict aseptic conditions,
    - production using top-notch devices and equipment,
    - strict final inspection,
    - employing qualified staff at each stage of the manufacturing process and through their systematic training,
  •  open communication, in order to build the credibility of MkB Test a.s. and its products as such.